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  • Review Destiny 2 (PS5) - A Solid Update for Hardcore Players

    No time to explain

    A lot has changed for Destiny 2 in the three years since release. After launching as a full-priced product, it decided to take the free-to-play route in late 2019. After teaming up with Activision to bring both the original game and this sequel to market, Bungie cut ties with the publisher to do it alone. And after expanding the...

  • Guide Destiny 2 - How to Start the Campaigns

    New Light walkthrough

    How do you start the campaigns in Destiny 2? How do you start the story missions in Destiny 2: New Light? Jumping into Bungie's looter shooter world with its new free-to-play option is probably going to be a little bit overwhelming for a lot of people. It introduces a whole host of planets to visit and patrol, but where are the...

  • Guide What's Included in Destiny 2: New Light?

    All content detailed

    On Tuesday 1st October, Destiny 2 goes free-to-play. It's a big change for the game, one that affects its structure, content delivery, and how it is perceived going forward. Given the title Destiny 2: New Light, it gives away a huge amount of content that veteran players have already paid for, including some year 2 additions...

  • Guide Destiny 2 - How to Get Bad Juju

    How to start the exotic questline

    How do you get Bad Juju in Destiny 2? The exotic pulse rifle has returned as part of the game's Moments of Triumph event, bringing with it its handy super energy perks. Here's how you get your hands on it as part of Season of Opulence. How to Get Bad Juju in Destiny 2: These are the steps you'll need to follow...

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    Review Destiny 2

    Bet the farm

    Republished on Wednesday 29th August 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of September's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Three years after the release of Destiny, here we are with a whole new title that's framed as a direct sequel. Hopping to a fresh release was Bungie's...

  • News PSN Down For Some as Destiny 2 Servers Struggle on PS4

    Status errors, connection issues, and more

    And it was all going so well! Destiny 2 launched yesterday with only a few not-so-widespread connection issues, but today, it seems as though Bungie's sequel is struggling to stay online for some players. What's more, the PlayStation Network appears to be having problems of its own, with reports of users...

  • News Limited Edition Destiny 2 DualShock 4 Is Coming to Europe

    It's fugly, though

    Sony's launching a limited edition DualShock 4 alongside Destiny 2 on the 6th September. The primarily white and gold controller will be available across Europe, but for some reason, that doesn't include Poland, Russia, or the UK. A bit weird, that. To be honest, we're not that arsed anyway. We love a good custom DualShock...

  • News Sony Is Finally Releasing a Special Edition PS4 Pro

    It's about time

    Well would you look at that - a PS4 Pro that isn't standard matte black. Sony has revealed that a special 'glacier white' system will be bundled with Destiny 2, which will launch on the 6th September in North America and Europe. The console will boast a 1TB hard drive and, of course, a matching DualShock 4 controller. The bundle...