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  • News The Next Crossover Costumes in Fall Guys Are Cuphead and His Pal Mugman

    They like to roll the dice

    It's no secret that Fall Guys loves collaborating with other games and brands for in-game outfits. Having featured so many guests as costumes for those clumsy jelly beans, it's always a matter of which game will be up next. Well, as you can see, the latest crossover is with Studio MDHR's hard-as-hell action title, Cuphead...

  • News Cuphead's Delicious Last Course Will Dine in 2021

    Eat up

    Studio MDHR has delayed Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC until 2021, which is probably for the best considering the size and scale of our backlog. The add-on content – slated to release on the PlayStation 4 at the same time as all other platforms – was first announced all the way back in 2018, so it’s taking a little time to cook...

  • Review Cuphead - Cartoon Run and Gun Is As Hard As It Is Beautiful

    Storm in a teacup

    There's not much more we can really add to the conversation surrounding Cuphead. It's been out for nearly three years on other platforms, and arrives on PlayStation 4 with everyone in the know. While we'll probably just be echoing others, it would be remiss of us to not voice our thoughts, so here goes. Cuphead is the grandma of...

  • News Cuphead Is Out Right Now on PS4

    Shadow drop

    After a PlayStation Store listing was spotted overnight, Cuphead has been officially announced for PlayStation 4 via a Summer Game Fest livestream put on by host Geoff Keighley. Better yet, it's available right now on the PlayStation Store for £15.99/$19.99. The upcoming Delicious Last Course DLC will also launch on PS4 day and date...

  • News Cuphead Spotted on PlayStation Store, PS4 Announcement Seems Imminent


    Super popular platformer Cuphead may be hopping onto PS4 very soon. The gorgeously animated game's been available on other platforms for ages, but it looks like it's finally time for a run on Sony's system. It's been spotted on the PlayStation Store in multiple regions -- as pointed out by Wario64 -- and although the actual product page...

  • Random God of War Art Director's Take On Cuphead and Mugman Is a Knockout


    Raf Grassetti was art director on the brilliant PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War, but that hasn't stopped him from turning his hand to other games. He's gained a bit of a reputation lately for his wonderful interpretations of numerous Smash Bros. fighters. Even more recently, Grassetti has expressed his love of Cuphead by sharing

  • Random God of War Art Director Turns His Hand to Cuphead Bosses

    Raf Grassetti draws King Dice and the Devil

    For a while now, the art director of God of War, Raf Grassetti, has been creating some frankly brilliant fan art of his favourite video game characters. You may have seen his interpretations of various Nintendo mainstays, among others, who appeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, he's recreating...

  • News Cuphead Still Isn't Releasing on PS4, But It Will Come to Tesla Cars

    Yes, you did read that correctly

    Cuphead, the brutally difficult fan favourite side-scroller from 2017, has now released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You already knew that after we reported on the news back in March, but now it's coming to a new platform, cars manufactured by Tesla. Yeah, we're not kidd

  • News Animated Arcade Game Cuphead Skipping PS4

    But coming to Switch with Xbox Live support

    Xbox One console exclusive Cuphead is no longer a console exclusive, as it will launch on the Nintendo Switch on 18th April. But as Microsoft and the Big N become increasingly pally, it means that the PlayStation 4 looks set to miss out, as there’s no word on a port to Sony’s system. Apparently the...

  • News Xbox Exclusive Cuphead Will Never, Ever Come to PS4

    Like, ev-ah

    Forget about never, ever getting back together: Cuphead will never, ever get with the PlayStation 4 to begin with. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the Disney-inspired platformer will skip Sony’s system, but it’s been over two years since the previous report, and business dealings can always change behind-the-scenes...

  • E3 2015 Don't Count on Playing Cuphead on the PS4

    Gunstar zeroes

    You win some, you lose some. And Sony has definitely missed out when it comes to Cuphead, the intriguing 1930s cartoon-inspired run-'n'-gun shooter from Canadian outfit Studio MDHR. You may have spotted during Microsoft's press conference that this was listed as a console exclusive for the Xbox One – and the Redmond firm has...