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  • Hands On Temtem Is Pokémon on PS5, More or Less

    First impressions from early access

    We'll start by saying that, yes, Temtem does borrow a lot from Pokémon. It's pretty hard to talk about Crema Games' early access adventure without bringing up the enormously successful Nintendo franchise, but we'll keep comparisons to a minimum. However, if you're a fan of the latter, this game is more or less...

  • News Pokémon-Like Temtem Hits PS5 Next Week, Here's How It Plays

    Releases into Early Access

    The Pokémon-like experience from Crema Games, named Temtem, comes to PlayStation 5 next week in an early access phase. But besides its close relations to the card collecting and gaming powerhouse, you may not be sure what to actually expect. Wonder no longer then because the developer has just put out a trailer detailing...

  • News Pokémon-Like Temtem Gets Exclusive Early Access on PS5 This December


    Temtem, the Pokémon-inspired RPG that blew up on PC earlier this year, is getting its console exclusive debut on PS5 this December. The game will launch in early access on Sony's next-gen system from the 8th December, but it sounds like a lot of the experience will be fully playable from the start. Indeed, the 30-hour main campaign is...

  • News Pokémon-Like MMO Temtem Targets 2021 Release Date on Consoles

    I choose you

    Temtem has taken the world by storm over the past month or so, launching an impressive beta on PC ahead of its 1.0 launch next year. It's Pokémon in almost every single way and it's targetting a release on consoles in the spring of 2021. Revealed as part of the title's new roadmap, developer Crema Games doesn't specify which consoles...

  • News Pokémon-Style MMO Temtem Is Coming Along Nicely in New Gameplay Video

    Console release to arrive eventually

    We first heard about Temtem about 18 months ago, so how's it looking these days? For those who don't remember, this game is an MMO in which players capture, trade, and battle a wide range of creatures in a style very reminiscent of Pokémon. Its always-online multiplayer is the key difference, allowing Temtem...

  • News Pokémon-Like MMO Temtem Is Coming to PS4

    I choose you

    Temtem, a role-playing title from Spanish developer Crema Games, is heading to PlayStation 4. The studio turned to Kickstarter around a month ago in order to help fund the game's development, and it wasn't long before its goal was smashed. If you've watched the trailer that we've embedded above, you'll already know that it looks a...

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    Review Immortal Redneck

    I want my mummy

    Immortal Redneck is a roguelike first-person shooter/dungeon crawler in which you play as a redneck tourist, who has been mummified after an unfortunate accident. How did he survive the accident? Why has he been mummified? And why is he now trapped in this deserted desert? All his answers await him within the pyramids, and you must...