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  • News New Chinese Rules Could Change Some of PS5, PS4's Biggest Games

    Gotcha, gacha

    A batch of new Chinese policies could change the way some of PS5 and PS4’s biggest games operate. The likes of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, free-to-play titles with massive updates and sprawling campaigns, utilise features like daily login rewards in order to incentivise player retention. But as China looks to clamp down on...

  • News Japanese PS5 Hardware May Be Being Sent Overseas, Explaining Soft Software Sales

    Stock allegedly being shipped to China

    Sony is selling a lot of PS5 consoles in its native Japan right now, but physical software sales are non-existent. In the latest Famitsu report, the manufacturer moved almost 100k units, but not a single boxed title could break the software top ten – and they only would have needed to sell over 4,480 units to...

  • News Sony to Pump More Money into Chinese PS5, PS4 Game Projects

    As it promises huge China Hero Project reboot

    Sony has been coveting Chinese game developers for some years now, and its approach is beginning to bear fruit. Genshin Impact, a title playable on both the PS5 and PS4, has become one of the biggest releases in the world – and fellow China Hero Project productions, like FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch,...

  • News Sony Establishes Software Business Department in China as PS5 Starts Strong in Country

    Part of PlayStation's growth plan

    Appetite for the PS5 is soaring in China, a targeted growth territory for Sony following its mild success in the country with the PS4. In a recent investor meeting, the platform holder noted that sales of its new-gen console are 2.7x higher than they were with the PS4 within the same 72 week launch period – and...

  • News PS5's First Commercial in China Is All About Bringing Stories to Life

    Single player heaven

    Sony may be coveting the multiplayer market a little more under the stewardship of Hermen Hulst, but it’ll always be best known for its single player games. That’s something the organisation’s first commercial in China leans into, as it blends a library scene with stories coming to life in games like Horizon Forbidden West...

  • Random PS5 Purchasers in China Received This Platinum Trophy Pin Badge

    Can we have one, please?

    For those of you who might not be aware, the PlayStation 5 recently launched in mainland China. On 15th May 2021, Sony's flagship console officially arrived in the country, as has been documented by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad. There isn't much that's too extraordinary about the machine's Chinese launch, aside from strict...

  • News PS5 Pre-Orders Took 20 Minutes to Sell Out in China

    Here we go again

    It took just 20 minutes for PlayStation 5 pre-orders to sell out in China, with the system slated for a 15th May release. Sony confirmed the date during a livestream earlier this week, which also saw confirmation of domestically developed character action title Lost Soul Aside for the next-gen console. Launch window titles will...

  • News PS5 Finally Launches in China Later This Year

    Sony eyeing Q2 2021

    Sony’s continuing to roll out the PlayStation 5 in key territories, with India receiving the system earlier this month and China next on the docket. While the system released in November 2020 for much of the world, Chinese retailers were forced to sell import units to local customers, commanding prices up to four times higher...

  • News PS Store Suspended Indefinitely in China for Supposed Security Upgrades

    No roadmap for return

    Update: Sony has declined to comment on whether backdoor hacks, allowing Chinese players to access and download content not currently licensed for release in the region, have played a part in the PlayStation Store's closure in the country. According to Reuters, "some vendors were offering to crack the restrictions on the...

  • News New Chinese Game Console Rivals the Power of the PS4 Pro

    Power trip

    A brand new machine is entering the console arms race -- in China, at least. AMD, the electronics company who produces the PS4's Jaguar CPU, has partnered with Zhongshan Subor to build a console for the Chinese market, and the details released so far put it on a level with the PS4 Pro, possibly even surpassing it. All the information...

  • News PlayStation China Press Conference Could Be Worth Keeping an Eye On

    The event's tomorrow

    Sony is holding a PlayStation press conference in Shanghai, China tomorrow. Given that the event will obviously focus on the booming Chinese market, we wouldn't go expecting any big announcements from our perspective here in the West, but some interesting bits and pieces could still be heading our way. For one, PlayStation's...

  • News PlayStation Presents a Ton of Games from the China Hero Project

    Including the promising Lost Soul Aside

    As you probably already know, China is a fledgling market for console gaming, but PlayStation is trying to cultivate a market by working with local developers to create home-grown content. And in this China Hero Project video it's showcased the burgeoning fruits of its efforts, as a dozen or so developers...

  • News PS4 Censorship to Blame for Sucky Chinese Sales, Says Sony

    Bans proving problematic

    Sony's struggles with the PlayStation 4 in parts of Asia are well documented, but TGS 2015 proved this week that the system's Japanese sales are sure to soar eventually. It'll now be turning its attention to China, then – a brave new world that seemed incredibly lucrative when a lengthy ban on dedicated gaming boxes was...

  • Weirdness The Ouye Is the Ultimate PS4 Rip Off


    Introducing the Ouye, a Chinese console packed with so much plagiarism that it's bordering on parody. The device – which is currently up for crowd funding – boasts the chassis of the PlayStation 4, but the controller of the Xbox One. We're sure that we've heard the name somewhere else before, too, but we're drawing blanks. This...

  • News How to Watch PlayStation's China Press Conference Live

    Shanghai show time

    Sony's top brass are in China right now – you may have spotted Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida tweeting from his Shanghai hotel room. That's because the manufacturer's planning to hold a press conference regarding the future of PlayStation in the potentially lucrative nation imminently – and while we've opted...

  • News Sony Hypes Chinese Press Conference with Rousing Trailer

    Show scheduled for 29th July

    A bunch of PlayStation bigwigs will be descending on China next week, as Sony attempts to stimulate sales of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the potentially lucrative nation. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida will be in attendance to introduce Project Morpheus, while group gaffer Andrew House will also...

  • News Sony to Host PlayStation Press Conference in Shanghai on 29th July

    China joy

    They've made such minimal impact that you may be forgiven for forgetting that the PlayStation 4 and Vita recently launched in China, but Sony will be holding a press conference in Shanghai on 29th July in order to discuss its future plans for the formats in the potentially lucrative territory. Big names like Andrew House – the president...

  • News There Was a Line for the PS4's Launch in China

    Not an enormous one, mind

    At long last, the PlayStation 4 has launched in China. The system was due out earlier in the year, but a last-minute delay pushed the machine back until March. There were no similar setbacks earlier today, though, as a modest turnout welcomed the console in the colossal country. Judging by these photos posted on

  • News PS4 Will Finally Spread Its Wings to China from 20th March

    Are you red E?

    Barring any further final hour hitches, the PlayStation 4 will finally launch in China from 20th March. The console was all set to release on 11th January – the platform holder even held a press conference to confirm the date – but was pushed back for unspecified reasons. It'll be joined by the PlayStation Vita when it e

  • News Oops, Sony Has Delayed the PS4's Impending Chinese Launch

    Raucous red tape

    After nearly 14 years of waiting, Sony has delayed the PlayStation 4's impending Chinese launch. The super system was originally planned to release on 11th January, but the firm has cancelled this date, and has yet to announce a new one. Speaking to Reuters, the Japanese giant confirmed that the delay was due to "various factors"...

  • News China's Launch PS4 Has a Dragon Emblazoned on It

    PlayStation Roar

    Sony will be commemorating the launch of the PlayStation 4 in China with a pretty nifty paintjob. Kotaku reports that consumers will be able to opt for a Special Dragon Edition of the next-gen system from 11th January in the region, which includes a custom hard drive faceplate featuring, well, a dragon and the brand’s iconic...

  • News PS4 Will Launch in China on 11th January for 2,899 RMB

    PlayStation Vita also joining the party

    After months of heavy speculation, Sony has finally confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch in China on 11th January. It will be joined by the PlayStation Vita, which will deploy on the same date. The home console will cost 2,899 RMB ($468), while the portable will retail for 1,299 RMB ($209). Both...

  • Rumour Sony's About to Get Really Aggressive in China

    Business development

    Considering that PlayStation is already enormous in Japan and most of Asia, it was strange to see Sony allow the Xbox One to deploy in China first. Microsoft’s machine launched in the potentially lucrative region earlier in the year, and there’s been very little word from its rival when the PlayStation 4 will follow in its...

  • News Will PS4 Win the Battle for China? Our Survey Says...


    Now that the Chinese government no longer believes that video games will rot the mind of its teens like teeth cleaned with Coca-Cola, both Sony and Microsoft are scrambling to release their next-gen consoles in the region. It’s easy to understand why: the untapped nation represents a potential audience of over one billion. So, who will...

  • News Sony Finally Reveals Its Plans to Bring the PlayStation Brand to China

    Boom and bust

    After 14 long years, China is finally lifting its state-enforced ban on video game consoles. The end of this tyrannical veto on happiness undoubtedly sees Sony keen to enter into an emerging and potentially lucrative market. Indeed, we've known about the platform holder's plans in this area for

  • News Looks Like Sony's Getting Ready to Release the PS4 in China

    New opportunities

    Now that China no longer considers consoles to be the spawn of Satan, it seems that Sony is stepping up its plans to release the PlayStation 4 in the potentially lucrative region. Previously, the nation put in place a ban on home systems, blocking their sale due to the perceived impact that they could have on youngsters. However,...

  • News Sony Sees Dollar Signs As China Lifts Console Ban

    Shanghai soon

    Sony will be rubbing its hands with glee right now, as a ban in China preventing the sale of foreign video game consoles has been temporarily lifted, opening up an enormous potential market for the PlayStation 4. The law, which had been previously in place for 14 years, had stopped the Japanese manufacturer from offloading its wares in...

  • News Sony Can Finally Release the PlayStation 3 in China

    Back in the game

    Sony has finally gained approval to launch the PlayStation 3 in China, despite games consoles technically being illegal in the region. The platform was recently awarded a ‘China Compulsory Certificate’, although firm release plans have yet to formalise. China implemented its console ban way back in 2000 in order to protect the...

  • News This Chinese Handheld Looks Pretty Familiar

    Copy cat

    Meet the DROID X360, a dodgy new device designed by Chinese manufacturer Long Xun Software. The handheld unit – which boasts a striking resemblance to the PlayStation Vita – runs Android 4.0 and comes pre-loaded with an array of illegal emulators. It has a 5" multitouch capacitive screen, front and rear facing cameras, and 8GB of...

  • News These Chinese Move Controllers Don't Look Bad, Actually

    Bit costly though

    Third-party Move controllers are still thin on the ground, but Chinese company FirstSing has put together its own Move and Navigation and they don't look too bad actually. The bundle sells for just $44.80, a huge saving on the price of real accessories, but unfortunately with worldwide shipping at a steep $60 it's not such a sound...

  • News This is What Move's and Kinect's Children Would Look Like

    If manufactured very, very cheaply

    When the Wii was released we saw countless cheap knock-offs flood the market – remember the Vii? – and now it looks like Move is about to receive its own sincerest form of flattery in the form of the "i-dong". (Really, we're not making these names up.) Displayed at a Chinese technology event, the...

  • News This Ain't No PSP Go, Yo!

    The above image is not of a PSP Go

    It is indeed a PSP Faux (thanks for the pun Joystiq). This imitation device (also known as the Side Panel Retro) has an emulator for 16-bit games, a camera, FM radio, and MP3 player. It also totally rips off on Sony's new handheld's design.