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  • News Sony Removed All the PS5 Target Dates from CES 2021 Trailer


    While it’s been a dismal start to the year for PlayStation news, we at least had a Sony sizzle trailer from CES 2021 to exhaust our collective editorial effort on. In it, the platform holder included some small print which included target dates for a ton of titles, including Pragmata and Kena: Bridge of Spirits. While we didn’t expect...

  • News PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Reflects on PS5's Record Breaking Release

    Biggest console launch of all-time

    PlayStation boss Jim Ryan didn’t have much to say during his short speech at CES 2021 this week, but nevertheless, we’ve embedded his segment above for you. As previously reported, he teased more upcoming film and television projects based on first-party properties, and also reiterated that

  • News Lots of PS5 Games Given Release Windows, Including Solar Ash, Kena, and Stray

    Ghostwire: Tokyo, Little Devil Inside, Project Athia too

    Sony didn't have any PlayStation 5 announcements of its own to make at CES 2021, but that didn't stop a sizzle reel trailer of upcoming titles from revealing an absolute ton of release windows. We've got a lot to get through here, so let's just dive straight into things. Firstly, Solar Ash is...

  • News Capcom's Pragmata Now Targeting a 2023 Release on PS5

    That's a long time

    One of the most mysterious announcements from Sony's Future of Gaming event last year was Pragmata, a Capcom title revealed for PlayStation 5. It was originally confirmed for 2022, but now we'll have to actually wait another year. As part of a PS5 sizzle reel trailer at CES 2021, the title was confirmed to now be targeting a 2023...

  • News PS5 Reveals Skip CES 2021 Entirely

    Not that we expected any

    We watched Sony's CES 2021 digital event so you didn't have to. While last year's showcase debuted the official PlayStation 5 logo and broke social media records, there was nothing to speak of this time around. Boss Jim Ryan was in attendance to speak of the diverse range of players PlayStation attracts as well as comment on...