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  • News Electric Cars from Sony Honda Mobility May Feature PS5 Consoles

    An entertaining drive

    Unless you've been keeping up with the world of electric vehicles, you may not know that Sony and Honda have joined forces to develop cutting edge cars. The new company, which is focusing on innovative new tech, is aiming to have its first vehicle on the road by 2025, and by the sound of it, you may be able to take your gaming...

  • Random PS4 Is Booming, So Sony's Making a Car

    A showcase for giant's mobility tech

    Thought the days of Sony revealing robotic dogs was over? The company is in a much healthier financial position right now, and so it’s back to its experimental best. Case in point: the organisation announced a concept car named the Vision S during its CES 2020 press conference overnight. The electric vehicle is...

  • News Cars 3 Looks Driven to Win in PS4, PS3 Trailer

    Grease Lightning

    Little known secret: Cars 2 on the PlayStation 3 was actually a pretty decent little arcade racer. Cars 3: Driven to Win looks to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps, and while the Pixar spin-off is clearly not going to win any originality awards, it sure could prove a fun little distraction this summer. This gameplay trailer...