Tag: Blowfish Studios

  • Review Siegecraft Commander (PS4)

    Under siege

    The first casualty of war is potentially your mental health if you fire up Siegecraft Commander, which takes the novel idea of crossing a real-time strategy (RTS) game with the tactical control of a tower defence title. Sounds good and Blowfish Studios has a good track record of making compelling games, so let's slip the dogs of war and...

  • Review Gunscape (PS4)

    Super war-io maker

    Developer Blowfish Studios clearly wears its inspirations on its bloodstained sleeves. It's modelled its create-'em-up first person shooter, Gunscape, to look and feel like the classic arena shooters of old, and it mostly succeeds. The low poly graphical style that so effectively evokes shooters such as Quake and DOOM isn't just a...