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  • News Job Listing Confirms EA's Black Panther Game Is Open World

    Free to roam

    In case you'd forgotten, EA and its studio Cliffhanger Games is working on a Black Panther game. The announcement was one of those that's more of a recruitment drive than anything else, so it's likely still years away from release. In fact, the team is still growing; interestingly, one recent job opening confirms the game's structure...

  • News Black Panther Game from New EA Team Cliffhanger Games Revealed

    Still early in development

    EA has today confirmed a new internal studio its helped to set up as well as its first project: a third-person, single player Black Panther game. The team is called Cliffhanger Games and is based in Seattle, led by former VP and studio head of Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War) Kevin...

  • Rumour Black Panther Game Being Developed by EA, Is Single Player and Open World

    AAA project, Jeff Grubb says

    EA has a AAA, single player, open world Black Panther game in development, according to a new claim from the Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb. Speaking during his daily news show, it's supposedly called Project Rainier and is currently in early development. Production is being led by Kevin Stephens under a new studio at...