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  • News PS5 Will Innovate How Game Audio Is Processed

    Has a custom unit for 3D sound

    One of the things that frustrated system architect Mark Cerny during the transition from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4 is how audio didn’t really change. It’s one of the things he’s trying to rectify with the PlayStation 5, and Sony’s new console will come with a custom chip designed specifically to...

  • Soapbox Why Is Sound So Underappreciated in Games?

    Sammy wants you to open your ears

    It’s always about the graphics, isn’t it? Video games are, by their very nature, a visual medium – and we tend to judge technical progress by the number of polygons or pixels being displayed on screen. We analyse in deep detail the lighting, the resolution – heck, the rise of Digital Foundry means that even...

  • News Download the Free WipEout Generation Soundtrack Now

    Beating the drum

    For many PlayStation fans, the sound waves of WipEout are a cultural touchstone. That’s especially true for the “WipEout Generation”, a group of independent music producers who – inspired by the work of former series composer Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE) – have written and performed their own free WipEout themed...