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  • News New PS5 Offer Gives Six Months of Apple TV+ for Free

    Available to new and existing subscribers

    If you've got a PlayStation 5 console and you want to see what all this Ted Lasso palaver is about, you're in luck. Starting today through until 22nd July 2022, you can get six months of Apple TV+ for free via the PS5 Media app. This offer is only open to PS5 owners, as you need to activate it through the...

  • News iOS 14.5 Software Update Adds PS5 Controller Support

    Feel the difference

    The new Apple iOS 14.5 system software has released, and it includes official DualSense support, meaning you’ll be able to pair your PlayStation 5 pad with your iPhone or iPad and use it to play games. This is particularly useful if you use Sony’s Remote Play app at all, which allows you to stream PS5 and PS4 games direct to...

  • News iOS 14.5 Update Will Include Support for DualSense PS5 Controllers

    Make the call

    If you enjoy a spot of gaming on your iPhone or iPad, you want to be using the best controller, right? At the moment, you can connect up a DualShock 4 to your iOS device so you can use Remote Play or engage with your favourite mobile games with a comfortable pad. But what about DualSense, the PlayStation 5's excellent controller? At...

  • News Apple TV Plus Seemingly Streaming to PS5, PS4 Soon


    Got enough room in your life for one more television streaming application? Speculation has it that Apple TV Plus will soon stream to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, as the iPhone maker is in contact with Sony about bringing its service to the systems. Some of the standout content on the Netflix-esque platform include The Banker...

  • Guide Can You Watch Apple TV Plus on PS4?

    Is Apple TV+ available on PlayStation 4?

    Is the Apple TV Plus app on PlayStation 4? Can you watch Apple TV+ shows on PS4? Apple's new on-demand entertainment platform launched on 1st November 2019, adding yet another subscription service to the growing pile. It's currently available on a variety of devices, but what about PS4? Is Apple TV+ on PS4?...

  • News Apple Devices to Add Full PS4 Controller Support

    Part of an upcoming tvOS update

    Update: As revealed by the iOS 13 patch notes, full DualShock 4 support will be coming to iOS as well. You can learn more through here. It’s a brave new world at the minute, isn’t it? Stop and drink it in for a second: there’s going to be cross-platform support in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, bitter rivals

  • News Apple's Assembling a Secret Virtual Reality Division

    Still think this isn't the future?

    Analysts generally agree that Sony's best placed to take advantage of the imminent virtual reality explosion, but PlayStation VR may yet meet fierce competition from Apple. Financial Times reports that the t

  • Rumour Apple Poised To Buy Sony? Errr...

    Apple are a rich, rich company

    Gone are the days of the Mac being the technology sector's punchbag; the success of the iPod has made Apple a global success - and they're only getting stronger with follow-up brands such as the iPhone and iPad. Basically, anyone in the technology sector is watching what Apple do next. And it's keeping a lot of...

  • News Sony: Apple Are The Arrogant Ones

    Cue streams of comments about "pots and kettles"

    Sony Computer Entertainment Australia's Michael Ephraim said that, well, Apple's become arrogant. To be fair Micky - they're kind of allowed. Didn't they just overtake Microsoft as the biggest computing based company in the world? That's no minor feat. Speaking about SCEE's advertising direction,...

  • News PSP Minis Wooing iPhone Developers Towards The PSP Go

    Sony is starting to see, what it hopes, will be a migration of iPhone developers over to the new PSP Go

    With Sony courting enough developers to already see 50 of their newly branded sub-100MB PSP Minis released before the end of the year, the switch is already starting. Develop are reporting that HoneySlug - a three-man London studio who have...