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  • News Fans Begin to Debate Which PlayStation Franchise Could Be Getting an Anime

    Take your pick

    Sony already confirmed that it has some animated projects in the pipeline as part of its PS Productions division, and now a rumour from a supposedly reliable anime aggregator account has got fans pondering which franchise could be converted. Earlier today, a relatively popular Twitter account which has allegedly teased unanno

  • Guide Best Anime Games on PS5

    PS5's best anime games, ranked and rated

    What are the best anime games on PS5? Whether you're looking for games based on specific manga and anime properties, or you're simply a fan of anime aesthetics, this list is designed to pick out the best of the best on PS5. But before we begin, let's just clarify what we mean by 'anime games'. As alluded, we...

  • News Crunchyroll Absorbing All Funimation Content for Ultimate Anime Library

    Welcome weebs

    Sony’s stranglehold on anime is now practically complete, following its $1.1 billion purchase of Crunchyroll and historical acquisition of Funimation. Now, as expected, it’s combining the two services under a single umbrella:

  • News Shenmue the Animation Legitimately Looks Amazing


    Here’s one way to get this author to watch anime: adapt Shenmue into an all-new series. While this is re-treading the plot beats of the Dreamcast originals, it’s unbelievably exciting to see the games transformed like this. Many will lament the loss of the cheesy OG voice acting – especially when they’re reading an almost identical...

  • News FATHER! Shenmue: The Animation Is Looking Lovely

    Keep friends, those you love, close to you

    Fans are divided on the overall quality of Shenmue III, but it’s looking like there’ll be less debate over Adult Swim and Crunchyroll’s adaptation: Shenmue: The Animation is looking ace. This brand new trailer includes scenes from both Shenmue and Shenmue II, and everything from the animation to the...

  • Guide Best PS4 Anime Games

    The PS4's best anime adaptations

    What are the best anime games on PS4? With this list, we wanted to highlight our favourite licensed anime titles, available on PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility). Now, the reason we say "licensed" is because this list only includes games based on anime or manga properties. It does not...

  • News Shenmue to Get Crunchyroll, Adult Swim Anime Adaptation

    Yu Suzuki serving as executive producer

    There’s still a future for the Shenmue franchise, as Crunchyroll has announced that it’s partnering with Adult Swim on an anime adaptation of the legendary series. A full 13-episode run is currently in production, which will air on Crunchyroll outside of Japan and mainland China. It’ll also feature as...

  • News Sony Wants to Conquer the Anime World Next

    And PlayStation is part of its plan

    Sony has slowly shifted from consumer electronics to entertainment over the past decade, and it’s aiming to add anime as its fourth major pillar, alongside music, movies, and, of course, games. The Japanese giant already has a sizeable anime department, with subsidiary Aniplex overseeing the Demon Slayer series...

  • News Dragon's Dogma Is Getting an Animated Netflix Show

    Hot stuff

    Media streaming giant Netflix is teaming up with Japanese animation studio Sublimation to produce an anime series based on Dragon's Dogma. An interesting choice, given that the story in Dragon's Dogma is so obscure at times, but hey, that dark fantasy world could make for a great setting, and it's certainly got the action nailed down...

  • News The 2008 Devil May Cry Anime Is Free on PS4 US Store

    Back in business

    If you've been playing the heck out of Devil May Cry 5 over the weekend and you're desperate for more Dante, you may be in luck. Head on over to the North American PlayStation Store on PS4, and you'll be able to snag the first season of the 2008 Devil May Cry anime for free. It usually costs $24.99. Reportedly, you need to be on an...

  • News Sony Snaps Up Anime Distributor Funimation for $143 Million

    One for the weeaboos

    Sony has purchased a 95 per cent stake in anime distributor Funimation for $143 million, essentially acquiring the company. The remaining five per cent will be retained by current CEO Gen Fukunaga, who will continue to serve in his current role despite the takeover. In addition to selling DVDs and merchandise, Funimation...

  • Video Watch Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture for Free Here


    As promised prior to the Christmas break, Sony has released Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture for free on its YouTube channel. The anime – produced by Studio Khara – promises to bridge the gap between the first game and its soon-to-be-released sequel, and runs for a good 20 minutes, so pour yourself a glass of something nice and sit...

  • News Gravity Rush: The Animation Bridges the Narrative Gap

    Anime short to fill in Kat's story

    It won't be long before Kat tumbles back into all our lives in Gravity Rush 2, but Gravity Rush: The Animation is aiming to at least keep Japanese fans occupied until early January. The 20-minute Studio Khara produced anime will premiere on TV Tokyo on 26th January, and promises to bridge the gap between the first...

  • News Final Fantasy XV's Anime Prequel Series Starts Today

    Brotherly love

    Square Enix has already invested about a bajillion dollars into Final Fantasy XV, so a few more won't hurt, right? It announced during an event this evening that the game will be getting its own anime prequel series - starting today. You'll be able to watch the first episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV on YouTube imminently,...

  • TGS 2015 Gravity Rush Is Getting an Anime Adaptation

    Kat attack

    One of those little stories that slipped through the cracks during Sony's big TGS 2015 press conference earlier this week: Gravity Rush is getting an anime adaptation. The special animation was announced by Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, though there are no other details right now. To be honest, it sounds like it's only just...