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  • News AEW: Fight Forever Is Channelling PS2, PS1 Era Wrestling Energy

    Noughties nostalgia

    There’s a nostalgia for old wrestling games these days. Specifically, the title we see most fans mention is WWF: No Mercy on the N64 – who didn’t own that one in the noughties? – but also the likes of WWF: SmackDown for PS1 are considered legendary today. Japanese developer Yuke’s, fresh from being kicked off the WWE 2K...

  • News AEW: Fight Forever Offers an Exciting Alternative to WWE

    We've got some RAW footage

    The AEW and WWE brands of wrestling couldn't be further apart from one another when it comes to fan opinion, and the former will be hoping that remains the same as AEW: Fight Forever is properly debuted. Despite a better-than-expected entry in last year's WWE 2K22, fans will hope the All Elite Wrestling video game...

  • News AEW: Fight Forever Brings the Smackdown on PS5, PS4

    AEW comes to console for the first time

    AEW: Fight Forever is the first official All Elite Wrestling console video game, and it's currently in development at studio Yuke's. While no release date has been announced, and only a short teaser trailer was shown, AEW: Fight Forever is confirmed to be coming to both PS5 and PS4. AEW is considered the...