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  • Soapbox Why Action Henk and Broforce Have Me Hooked

    Sam Brooke is enamoured with March's PS4 indie arrivals

    I admit it – I have a big soft spot for indie games. Call me weird, but I can't get enough of these low-budget beauties because they're forced to innovate using the limited resources that they have and can create genius new mechanics, or simply refine existing systems to perfection. Anyway,...

  • Review Action Henk (PS4)

    Henk on a second

    If we had a dollar for every platformer that's passed through the venerable doors of the Push Square Towers in the last few years, we probably wouldn't be writing about games on the Internet anymore. Instead, we'd be sitting on a private island somewhere, sipping on a liquid gold martini served to us in a solid gold martini goblet...

  • News Action Henk Will Be the Butt of All Jokes on PS4, PS3, Vita

    Hopefully it won't hit a bum note

    When you're a washed up 80s action movie star, there's only one way to reclaim fame: use your flabby ass. Ew, not like that – though we daresay it would do the job. No, we're thinking of Action Henk – the butt-sliding smash from RageSquid Games. In this irreverent indie – being ported to the PS4, PS3, and Vita...