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  • News Metro Exodus PS5 Version Runs at 4K 60FPS, DualSense Support Included

    Free upgrade for PS4 owners

    Developer 4A Games has detailed what to expect from this year's PlayStation 5 upgrade for Metro Exodus, and it all sounds like a pretty meaty enhancement. As a baseline, the post-apocalyptic experience will run at a 4K resolution with support for 60 frames-per-second. This will be delivered as a free upgrade for owners of...

  • News Metro Exodus Gets PS5 Version, New Entry in Development

    Free upgrade for PS4 owners

    Developer 4A Games has announced that Metro Exodus will be coming to PlayStation 5 next year as a free upgrade to existing owners of the game, packing enhancements to both its resolution, frame rate, and more. Separately, the Ukrainian team also confirms it is hard at work on the next entry in the Metro franchise. This...

  • News Metro: Exodus Finally Details Its Expansion Pass Content

    That sure did take its time

    Oh yeah, Metro: Exodus came out this year. While we thought it was nothing more than a decent experience upon its February release, you can look forward to even more content coming this summer and in early 2020 if you enjoyed the base game. The game’s expansion pass has finally been detailed, which has been available...

  • News Metro: Exodus' 1.04 Update Adds New Game+

    Fixes and performance enchancements too

    Metro: Exodus' first major patch has arrived, bringing with it the option to play through the game a second time via New Game+ alongside a whole host of fixes and performance improvements. New Game+ allows you to carry over all your weapons and attachments into a new playthrough that you can tweak to your...

  • News Metro: Exodus Reportedly Plays a Lot Better on PS4 with Patch 1.03

    Fixes for sensitivity and latency

    Released a few days ago at the time of writing, the patch aiming to improve the controls and general feel of Metro; Exodus on PS4 has been a success, based on the majority of comments that we've been reading around the web. When the game launched on Sony's system last month, it was criticised by many for the...

  • News Metro: Exodus PS4 Patch Coming Soon, Aims to Improve Controls and More

    Input lag hopefully fixed

    Metro: Exodus has a handful of notable issues on PS4, one of the most common complaints being that the controls are rather unresponsive and stiff at times. Some players reckon that input lag is definitely a factor, throwing off aim and giving the game a sluggish feel overall. Thankfully, developer 4A Games is looking to...

  • News Metro 2034 Could Come To The PlayStation 3

    Metro 2033 was an XBOX 360 and PC exclusive

    Of kinds. This wasn't an exclusive bought with Bill Gates dollars, it was a result of time and small teams. Apparently, converting the original game would have taken 4A-Games six months. Not really the best use of the studios time, especially when they could be making the sequel, Metro 2034, and making their engine work on the PS3 from the ground up. The..

  • News THQ's Metro 2033 Not On Playstation 3 Due To "Business Reasons"

    4A Game's Hew Beynon has commented on the reason Metro 2033 is not coming to the Playstation 3

    In an interview with VG247 he cites "business reasons" for the decision, but explains that there is no reason why the game couldn't come to PS3. He said:“That’s probably more of a business decision, and one that I wasn’t part of when I was at THQ. “The studio architect of the 4A engine did..