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  • Mini Review Tesla Force (PS5) - Twin-Stick Roguelite Needed More Time in the Lab

    The greatest minds in history cannot save this game

    In an already bizarre year, Tesla Force’s absurd concept of pulling famous people from history and making them fight monsters seems right at home. Tesla Force is a roguelike twin-stick shooter starring Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie, fighting waves of monsters with over the top guns and powers...

  • Mini Review King Oddball (PS5) - Weird Physics Puzzler Is Still Addictive

    Royal rumble

    Odd by name, odd by nature – and even odder when you consider it’s on a next-gen console now. King Oddball baffled us a billion years ago on the PS Vita, but now this bizarre physics-based puzzler has hooked us with its over-extended tongue for a second time. We can’t believe we’re playing this on a PlayStation 5 – but it’s...

  • News King Oddball, Undead Horde Grab PS5 Versions

    Trophy lists reveal releases

    Here are two more PlayStation 5 games to look forward to: King Oddball and Undead Horde. Both already released for Sony's current-gen console, publisher 10Tons is seemingly taking advantage of the new system's launch by thrusting two of its titles back into the limelight. Their PS5 ports are all but confirmed by Trophy...

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    Review Tesla vs Lovecraft

    Electricity and madness

    With a name like Tesla vs Lovecraft, you're expecting a certain tone. This is not a serious shooter; right from the outset it aims for ‘insane’ and works from there. Appropriate given the game's antagonist. The title screen blasts out a chaotic theme tune, depicting a monster-riding H.P. Lovecraft facing off against...

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    PS Vita

    Review Time Recoil

    Ain’t nobody got time for that

    Time Recoil is a top-down, twin-stick shooter from 10tons, who's well-versed in this genre with the likes of Crimsonland, Neon Chrome, and Jydge. In Time Recoil you take on the role of a rebel member that has super powers, enabling her to slow time whenever she gets a kill. Using your powers and wormholes you...

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    Review JYDGE


    JYDGE is a top-down, twin-stick shooter not too dissimilar to Hotline Miami. You take on the role of what can only be described as a knockoff Judge Dredd, who is tasked with dishing out justice with his gavel gun. The entire game is level based: each one set in a different location where the criminals have gathered hostages or stock piles...

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    Review Time Recoil

    Through the darkness of future past

    There’s some stiff competition for top-down twin-stick shooters these days. With heavy hitters like Hotline Miami, Nex Machina, and Mr. Shifty, studios have to deliver a very distinct and fresh experience to stand out. The developers at 10tons Ltd, are no strangers to achieving that in this genre, with the...

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    Review Neon Chrome

    Hacked off

    Republished on Wednesday, 31st May 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Neon Chrome is a top-down, twin-stick shooter set entirely in what looks like the Shinra Building from Final Fantasy VII given a Blade...

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    Review Xenoraid

    Star wars

    As far as "classic video game genres" go, top-down space shooters are a bread-and-butter staple of the medium. While gems of the genre once ruled arcades and home-consoles alike, in modern times they've become dime-a-dozen, mostly relegated to portable devices and mobile phones. Within that landscape, any game of that type will have to do...

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    Review Baseball Riot

    Bouncing balls

    Baseball Riot is a sequel to the popular physics puzzler Tennis in the Face, however this time around you won't be serving the balls – you'll be striking them. You play as the ex-professional baseballer Gabe Carpaccio, who threw his whole career down the toilet when he became addicted to the energy drink known as Explodz. Now...

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    Review Sparkle Unleashed

    Lacking spark

    Do you remember the days when playing and collecting marbles was popular? No, we're not 100-years-old either, but even though times and technology have changed, Sparkle Unleashed has a familiar premise: you must arrange balls into order for personal satisfaction. The difference here is that your obsessive compulsive disorder isn't the...

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    Review Tennis in the Face

    You cannot be serious

    Pete Pagassi is a tennis heavyweight with a drinking problem. The mulletted marvel is addicted to Explodz energy soda, which has put the brakes on his career. After a spell in rehab, the former Grand Slam champion decides to issue his revenge on the maniacal manufacturers of the syrupy squash, and so embarks on a tour of the...

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    Review Crimsonland

    Don't fear the reaper

    Twin-stick shooters are like Hollywood action films. They’re violent, bold, and, while there’s plenty going around, very few are actually any good. Crimsonland is the latest entry in the once popular genre, and does very little to differentiate itself from the competition. But does this adherence to tried and tested tropes...

  • News PS4 Title Crimsonland Will Give You a Crash Course in Twin-Stick Shooting

    Releasing in a few weeks

    If the summer drought is getting you down, never fear, as twin-stick shooter Crimsonland has recently been announced for release on the PlayStation 4 very soon. The title will bring intense arcade action to Sony's super system on 16th July in America, and 15th July in Europe. Before we talk about the actual game, though, we...

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    Review Sparkle 2

    Let it shine

    There’s a treasure in the world of Sparkle 2 that’s so well hidden that nobody has ever been able to find it. Some people have spent their entire lives trying to track it down, going mad in the process. Naturally, the only way of succeeding where others have failed is to match three or more coloured balls across dozens of levels –...

  • News Duh, No Console Is Complete Without a Match Three Puzzler

    Balls of cheer

    You may have purchased your PlayStation 4 for extortionate blockbusters that bankrupt development teams when you pick them up used, but everyone knows that you can’t have a console without a match three puzzler of some kind. Sony’s flagship handheld already has a couple of these, but the firm’s next-gen system is about to get...

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    Review King Oddball

    The tongue and the restless

    To say that the videogame market is saturated with physics-based puzzlers would be akin to saying that the Call of Duty series has only been mildly successful. In other words, it would be a vast and gaping understatement. To this end, indie effort King Oddball attempts to set itself apart from the competition by indulging...

  • News Peculiar Puzzler King Oddball Is About to Lick Your PS4

    Sticks and stones

    When we reviewed King Oddball for the PlayStation Vita last year, there were some unexpected discussions around Push Square towers. “This shouldn’t be very good,” this editor told staff writer Alex Stinton. “The problem is that I can’t stop playing it.” The response from our bleary eyed reporter: “Tell me about it.”...

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    Review King Oddball Ends the World

    Rock royalty

    After an extended royal tour of pretty much every mobile platform on the planet, King Oddball Ends the World has rolled onto the PlayStation Vita. Offering projectile flinging fun in the vein of Angry Birds, this puzzle game looks to usurp the throne from the long time ruler and avoid being thrown into the dungeons for treason. With a...

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    Review Sparkle

    Glitter bug

    The aim of Sparkle is to fling different coloured marbles at a procession of similarly styled balls that are rolling progressively closer to the centre of an on-screen maze. Put three of the same tinted spheres in a row and they will detonate, with your ultimate goal being to spontaneously combust all of the orbs as promptly as possible...