Ragnarock is PSVR2’s other launch title about drumming — alongside Drums Rock — though it approaches things differently. Developer WanadevStudio has crafted a rhythm game about Viking boating crews racing each other. The more notes you hit, the farther your rowing team travels as you compete against bots, or more excitingly, other players online.

The game prioritises following the melodies of songs over simulating actual drums so you can look forward to a rhythm game more in the spirit of Beat Saber, as opposed to Drums Rock. As such, it doesn’t feel much like actually playing the drums, but it is fun. All of the tracks have a lively energy to them that fits well with the Viking aesthetic: black metal, pirate metal, and Celtic metal comprise practically the entire score.

While all these genres are appropriate and enjoyable, it does make the soundtrack feel homogenous. Despite offering 38 tracks, a lot of the songs don’t feel distinct from one another unless you already know and like the bands in question.

While not necessarily a bad thing, a greater variety in sounds would definitely up the title's replayability, which is why it’s especially curious that the game has a tab for custom songs. This would be unprecedented if it were included on PSVR2, but we couldn’t find any ways to actually utilize it. More likely it’s a remnant from the PC version of the game, although not removing it here seems sloppy.

Though the soundtrack is extensive, the game itself is quite sparse. With no traditional story mode or progression, you can choose to play solo, or online... And that’s it. The variety of maps inspired by Norse mythology and the note highway look great, but the remainder of the game underwhelms visually. This extends to the menus, as the text in the game is in a lower resolution than we’d have expected of a PSVR2 title.

Ragnarock is a rough-around-the-edges rhythm game that's super fun to begin with, but the appeal may start to wane after a handful of sessions.