We've revisited No Man's Sky a number of times over the years. It only seems fair to check in every once in a while considering how much changes with each major update. The latest of these, Fractal, adds full PSVR2 support, allowing you to explore planets, space stations, and everything in between within Sony's new headset.

The initial impact is pretty amazing. With visuals vastly improved over the PSVR version, No Man's Sky in PSVR2 looks much better, although there is some softness to the overall image compared to the TV version. That said, observing the scale of this sci-fi universe first-hand is often breathtaking. Climbing aboard your starship and blasting into space, with enormous planets ahead and asteroids surrounding you — it really does feel gigantic. It's worth booting up Creative mode and just waltzing around, soaking in the sheer scope of it.

Gameplay-wise, this is the entire experience as you know it, only with some smart new interactions to keep you immersed. For example, you can equip your Multi-tool by reaching over your shoulder, while the inventory and quick menu are accessed via a wrist-mounted display. We found the latter a little finicky, but when it works it's a great use of the PSVR2 Sense Controllers.

It's all an effort to make the game more tactile. Though it might take a while to get used to the UI changes, this version of No Man's Sky feels just as playable, and again, it really drives home the scale of everything. Finding a huge cave or bizarre alien creature is just more exciting in PSVR2.

On top of all that, there's good use of haptics in the controllers and the headset, and there are decent comfort settings. The default movement is teleportation and snap turning, but you can toggle smooth motion if preferred. While in some ways, the game's complexities make it potentially overwhelming to play in virtual reality, the end result is great once you get used to it. For a slight sacrifice in image quality, you're getting a deeply immersive experience which plays into that sci-fi fantasy more than ever.