You play as one of the few remaining adventurous pilots, tasked with the mission of scouring space to wipe out the vicious "mind plague".

No Gravity's interpretation of space is fantastic. It mainly achieves such gorgeous visuals by the way it fills the screen with objects and lights. Asteroids and rocks will float by, as crafts and space stations glow in the distance. It genuinely does look amazing, with a fantastic "sci-fi" colour palette. Our favourite graphical effect is when the craft goes into hyper-speed, softening and blurring the distant lighting as you travel through space.

As a PSN download, No Gravity is not without its fair share of things to do. There are plenty of missions to complete to start off with, but these are furthered by the games "Entitlements" (read: Trophies) section, in which you are monitored and rewarded for completing as many tasks as you can. Some of them get really difficult too, ensuring you plenty of playtime with the game. There's a jukebox that lets you listen to some of the game's tunes and plenty of artwork/movies to unlock and view.

The decision on whether to buy No Gravity or not will depend on your personal tolerance to just pressing the X button for hours on end. Essentially, No Gravity is a space-shooter and plays just like that. You fly around a 3D interpretation of space, shooting enemies, asteroids or other pieces of space matter. Enemy attacks can be dodged by double-tapping the L and R buttons, but we found this to be particularly unresponsive. With little to change up the gameplay throughout, we couldn't help but find No Gravity substantially repetitive.

Checkpoints?No Gravity's missions are split up into a number of sub-sections. This is fine, and extends the life of the game and its missions. However, if you happen to die after completing several of these sub-sections you'll restart right back at the start. Given the already repetitive nature of the game, this becomes intensely irritating.

A touch expensive.For a pretty basic space-shooter (albeit with plenty to do), £8.99 seems a touch steep for a game in this vain.

Silly friendly AI.While letting rip on an enemy craft, you might want to watch carefully for your helpful "wing-men" who'll decide to fly directly in front of you and subsequently take the full brunt of your firepower.


No Gravity: The Plague Of The Mind is a fantastic looking shooter with plenty to do. Sadly, because of the constraints of the genre, the game becomes tedious, fast.