Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy is the fifth entry in the one-to-four player, puzzle platforming adventure series, from Finland based developer, Frozenbyte. After attending a celebration at Astral Academy and being framed for destroying the village, our three heroes, Amedeus the wizard, Zoya the thief, and Pontius the knight, set out again to thwart a clockwork army, restore order, and bring the real villains to justice.

The campaign consists of 15 to 20 hours of physics-based platforming, peculiar puzzle-solving, and challenging combat, split into five acts. Each consists of four 40-to-50-minute levels. Just like its predecessors, you’re able to play the entire game in local or online multiplayer, taking on the role of the three Heroes of Trine and switching between each on the fly. The trio is equipped with both familiar and fresh abilities that you’ll be unlocking via the skill tree or through chests found along your journey. These skills are an enjoyable variety of abilities that open up your available puzzle solutions, elemental arrows, shield gliding, magnetic crates, cloning yourself, and more. Combining the abilities together is how you'll overcome obstacles, making for some magical puzzle platforming moments.

Trine’s mystical visual style and charmingly calm music return, with the sequel’s presentation being a highlight yet again for the series. The gorgeous environments you’ll be traversing will no doubt have you stopping to take screenshots, as you pass through an aquarium with fish schooling around in the background, swinging between masts on ships in the dockyards at dusk, and overcoming the dangerous depths of the captivating crystal caverns. The attention to detail and extra touch of polish in Trine 5’s presentation is very noticeable.

The game takes the familiar formula of the series, featuring compelling puzzles, chaotic combat, and perfect presentation, and sticks by it. With a whole new campaign and a wide variety of fresh and familiar abilities, Trine 5 appeals to series fans both new and old.