Tokyo 2020 is about a year away and the popsicle section in your local supermarket has likely been scaled back, but that ain’t stopping Smoots Summer Games from bringing some sunshine to the decathlon post season. This ugly sports game looks like it’s stepped straight off a smartphone and into the stadium, but it’s aiming to make you sweat with a series of DualShock 4 destroying track-and-field minigames.

Perhaps best enjoyed as a local party game, the majority of the activities here have you smashing the X button – or should we say ‘Cross’ button now? – hoping to gain enough speed to outrun your opponents. There are also swimming events which see you teasing the analogue sticks like nipples in a sports bra, as well as the usual throwing activities like shot put and javelin.

The visual style is putrid, but there are some nice touches, like the inclusion of Mr. T as an avatar. Unfortunately, the gameplay generally feels unresponsive, and there’s really no room for skill beyond your ability to avoid blisters. This isn’t offensive by any means, but SEGA’s upcoming Olympics game is so much better that a visit to YO! Sushi is the closest it'll be getting to Japan.

At least it can still watch beach volleyball with the curtains closed, eh?