DualShock 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 X Cross Button

Is it the X or the Cross button? Most sane individuals have settled on simply calling it X, but those who insist on calling it Cross still crop up from time to time. The two types of people had happily settled their differences -- until the question was raised once again on Twitter. We spotted this response earlier today, and it went viral, attracting over 50,000 likes from those sensibly calling the southern face button X.

However, things have taken a dark turn. PlayStation UK has waded into the conversation and turned everything upside down. As it turns out, it's been "Cross" all along.

We feel betrayed. This can't really be true. Cross doesn't sound right. We're getting emotional.

This reminds us of the man who invented the .GIF image format. According to him, the acronym is pronounced with a soft 'G'. Jif, not Gif. Our response to both is that the vastly more popular colloquialism is the superior moniker. In other words, we'll be continuing to call it the X button, and PlayStation can't stop us.

What do you call it? Vote in our poll, then have your say in the comments below.

Do you call it the X or the Cross button?

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