You’ve already played a game like Rush Rover, but that doesn’t mean this little timewaster should be ignored. A dualstick roguelike, the shooter borrows liberally from various recent releases, delivering a wholly unoriginal yet generally well-executed experience. Playing as a mining machine, your role is to clean up randomly generated environments populated by rogue robots.

As you progress through different rooms, you’ll collect gear upgrades and in-game currency which can be spent on weapon and ability upgrades. Dying means you’ll have to start from scratch, and there are times where the odds will be stacked against you – especially when the release isn’t particularly generous with its power-ups. The presentation is clean throughout, although the HUD can seem a bit complicated at first.

Each room is augmented with mini-challenges, tasking you with being both precise and efficient in combat. There are also boss fights which embrace bullet hell, and this is explored further in a standalone dodge mode which strips you of your offensive abilities and tasks you with weaving in and out of relentless firepower. There’s nothing here that will keep you occupied for long, but it’s a fun distraction.