Return of the Obra Dinn is the most engrossing puzzler on PlayStation 4 since The Witness. Putting you in the shoes of an investigator, you're sent aboard the titular ship, which has reappeared after being assumed lost five years earlier. Your job is to explore every part of the vessel in order to work out the identity and fate of everyone on board. A powerful pocket watch allows you to go back in time to see freeze frames of each person's final moments. Using the limited information these snapshots provide, you must fill in the pages of an unfinished record on the ship.

The problem -- or the genius -- is that identities are rarely spelled out for you. How one person died is usually quite obvious, but with 60 people to distinguish and scarce information to go on, putting names to faces is the tricky part. It's only through visiting different memories, listening to desperately brief final words, and figuring out who was present where and when that you'll eventually crack the case. You're left to solve this mystery through a real investigative process.

And what a mystery it is. We won't spoil anything, but as the Obra Dinn's adventure across the sea unfolds itself, you'll slowly learn about the relationships and tribulations of all its crew members and passengers. The post-mortem storytelling is compelling, and is never quite enough for your investigation -- or your curiosity. The art style is similarly withholding, offering just enough detail but maintaining an air of unease, and it looks utterly unique to boot. Some may struggle with the visuals as it can be a little too noisy in places, but if that's our only quibble, you can deduce that this comes highly recommended.