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First things first: if you've read our Now That's What I Call Sing review, you've pretty much read the review for Let's Sing 2016. The two are practically the same game, bar a couple of tracks, so we strongly recommend that you read the aforementioned review if you want to get a detailed idea of how good Let's Sing 2016 is.

When we say that the two games are the same, they quite literally are: the presentation alone is essentially identical. As soon as you get the past title screen, you'll have a selection of 35 songs, most of them Top 40 hits – stuff from the likes of Sam Smith, Sia, Jess Glynne, and Ariana Grande. Let's Sing 2016 seems to have a much more varied track list, though, as The Cure, Queen, and Roxette are included, but these old classics are still far outnumbered by more modern tracks.

The gameplay is the usual fare: sing the notes at the right pitch and you get points; hit the Golden Notes and you'll get a bonus. There are plenty of modes for you to try out – with the usual suspects like Classic, Duet, and Battle accompanied by more ambitious options such as Elimination, Expert, and more. The Jukebox mode from NTWICS also returns, which plays tracks on loop, and allows you to drop in at any time.

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And that's pretty much all there is to say about Let's Sing 2016 – it's the US version of Now That's What I Call Sing, with the advantage of having five more songs.


Let's Sing 2016 is practically the same game as Now That's What I Call Sing adapted for the North American audience, which means that it's a pretty solid singing game. The wide range of modes makes it fun to play with others, and the songs are varied enough to keep things fresh, whoever you're playing with. All in all, this game certainly isn't rudimental.