From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes an all-new single player title about a slice of bread on a journey to become toast. I Am Bread, similarly to titles like Goat Simulator, became popular on the PC through comical YouTube videos, and has now been ported to the PlayStation 4.

In the story mode you are given control of a slice of bread and are placed in a room: Lounge, Garage, Kitchen, etc. In this room you must play a huge game of "the floor is lava" – you know, you played it as a kid – where you must avoid any surfaces that could render the baked good inedible. Also, while roaming around you must find an item in the room that can heat up your bread and convert it to the dark side – toast.

The story is just a slice of what's on offer here, as like a good wholemeal there are a range of other modes to try out: Cheese Hunt, Bagel Races, Rampage, Zero-G, and Free-play. In Bagel Racing, our favourite mode, you have to roll a bagel from A-to-B in one room, passing checkpoints and avoiding obstacles in an attempt to set the fastest time possible in the online leader boards. The other mode that you knead to try out is Rampage; here you are tasked with a bit of barmy baguette bashing, as you cause chaos in order to score points. The addition of various challenging modes makes an otherwise plain sandwich of a story mode into one mouth-watering BLT.

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The controls for the game are as awkward as expected from the developer of Surgeon Simulator, as you wrestle with the DualShock 4's shoulder buttons and sticks to manoeuvre your Best of Both. These tricky controls often feel, and you'll be cursing them with frequency. Moreover, the awful camera angles will get you in a bit of a jam at times, which, when paired with some irritating framerate issues, can ruin the experience. Dough these problems can be prominent, we suppose that we should stress that a future patch could fix them up.


I Am Bread is a quirky title that can be a lot of bun at times, and it will certainly fill a hole before a much more substantial meal comes along. However, the title's control, camera, and performance issues do put a dampener on things, so unless you absolutely love silly experiences of this ilk, we'd recommend keeping your dough in your wallet and putting it towards something a little less stale.