Good arcade racers are a rarity these days, so it's refreshing to finally have one on PlayStation 4 with Horizon Chase Turbo. Originally a successful mobile game, this beefed-up version of the Top Gear-like racing game is very different from the console's other vehicular endeavours. Unlike Gran Turismo Sport, DriveClub, or Project CARS, this is about as arcadey as it gets, and it's a lot of fun.

You'll start each low-poly race at the back of the pack, and your objective is simply to overtake everyone before the stage is over. You've access to a few speed boosts, but gameplay is exceedingly streamlined. Aside from some tight corners, you can get by holding down accelerate and turning left or right, ensuring you pick up some extra fuel along the way. This is one lean - and fast - racing experience. The good news is that, due to the short events and straightforward gameplay, it's very compelling.

If earning gold trophies isn't enough, there are collectable coins to find in each race of the surprisingly lengthy campaign. As you progress you'll unlock new cars with unique stats that you can enhance with permanent buffs. Additional modes give you slightly different ways to play, but this is where Horizon Chase Turbo begins to let off the gas. Screaming through its colourful courses at ludicrous speeds can be lots of fun either alone or in local multiplayer, but the repetitive nature of the game will hit you sooner rather than later. You won't be left wanting for more content, but it's arguably too much for such a simple title. If you're after a very different racing game on PS4, this certainly fits the bill -- but watch you don't fall asleep at the wheel during the long haul.