With the independent scene continuing to thrive on PlayStation 4, perhaps the worst thing a smaller title can do is fail to make itself stand out from the ever-growing pack. Help Will Come Tomorrow has fallen victim to that -- a somewhat competent resource management simulator that doesn't do anything you haven't seen before. It's not a bad game per se, but there's not enough here to have you coming back for more.

Working together to build a habitable camp in the Siberian wilderness of Russia, four characters must gather supplies, tools, and food by day and discuss their past, families, and relationships under the cover of night. You'll need to tend to their hunger, thirst, warmth, and tiredness gauges in order to keep them alive by tracking down goods on expeditions. In practice, this consists of moving two characters around select quadrants which surround the camp and keeping anything they find. Various dynamic events will have you making choices as you’re out in the wild, but it's all relatively simple stuff.

When the sun goes down, the party can begin to introduce themselves to one another as you select basic dialogue options to form side quests and learn of their political viewpoints. It's a pretty decent system which combined with some pleasant visual work, makes for the game's two high points.

However, that discourse is marred by a poor English translation full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Combined with the unintuitive and confusing user interface, it isn't always easy to work out what the game wants you to do. As such, Help Will Come Tomorrow feels unwieldy and at odds with its approachable resource gathering mechanics. It's setting may convince some into a purchase, but for those after a new take on the genre, this experience fails to satisfy.