It's always felt like BBC's campy sci-fi show should be a home run in video games, but it's rarely translated well to an interactive format. PlayStation VR adventure Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is an effort to change that, but it's ultimately a bit flat, leaning a little too heavily on fan-pleasing moments instead of breaking new ground.

With the Doctor marooned somewhere in time and space, it's up to you to solve puzzles, evade monsters, and fly the TARDIS in a bid to save the universe. Using the Move controllers, you're able to interact with certain objects and wield a sonic screwdriver as you explore a handful of short levels. Motion tracking is fine, and there are one or two clever puzzles to decipher, but there's a strange lack of instruction at points. Starting the game, it doesn't tell you the controls, and you're often left to figure out what you're meant to be doing until a dialogue hint ushers you in the right direction.

Stepping into the TARDIS is a cool moment, and there are lots of references and encounters that fans will love throughout the short runtime. Unfortunately, that's about as much substance as you'll find. The puzzles themselves are pretty easy, and the environments you find yourself in are underwhelming. Long load times break the flow between each location, movement is slow, and it's not very engaging to play at all. If you're a real Doctor Who aficionado, you may find some enjoyment here, but otherwise, this is a waste of your precious time.