Valentine's Day Quiz How Well Do You Know PlayStation Couples

It's that time of year when hearts melt and stars cross. Valentine's Day is here to put everyone in a romantic mood, and it has us thinking about PlayStation couples. We're sure you have a favourite pairing, but how much do you know about gaming's well-known โ€” and not so well-known โ€” romantic relationships? In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of video game lovebirds.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

How Well Do You Know These PlayStation Couples This Valentine's Day?

The answer is I Got You Babe.


You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Hopeless romantic
  • 4-7: Secret admirer
  • 8-10: Smitten kitten

So, how did you get on? Did this quiz capture your heart? Whether you loved it or not, share it with your Valentine, and tell us how you did in the comments section below.