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Final Fantasy VIII may not be as beloved as its immediate predecessor, but it still stands as a classic PlayStation RPG. The long and winding tale of Squall and his quest for purpose and romance has captured the heart of many a Final Fantasy fan over the years, but just how well do you know Final Fantasy VIII?

Are you an elite member of SeeD, or are you just a regular Garden student? Break out your gunblade and see how you do in our (rather tricky) Final Fantasy VIII quiz.

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How Well Do You Know Final Fantasy VIII?

The answer is Guardian Force.


You scored x out of 20.

  • 0-6: SeeD reject
  • 7-13: SeeD Cadet
  • 14-20: SeeD Commander

So, are you an elite member of SeeD? Do you have what it takes to lead your Garden? Show us your SeeD exam results in the comments section below.

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