PS5 Showcase Quiz

The long awaited PS5 showcase has come and gone, and Sony's next-gen console now has a price and release date as a result. But just how much attention were you paying to the event itself? We've put this tricky ten-question quiz together in order to test your knowledge.

How Closely Were You Watching the PS5 Showcase?

The answer is Titan.

All four of these recurring Final Fantasy summons were shown in the Final Fantasy XVI trailer, which made for quite the spectacle. It's Titan that appears first, though, just after he crushes some poor sod with a big rock.


You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Average Onlooker
  • 4-7: Keen Watcher
  • 8-10: Expert Viewer

So, how well did you do? Is the PS5 showcase burned into your brain, or were you too busy gawking at the next-gen graphics to process the details? Share your score in the comments section below.