Can You Name These PS3 Exclusives? Quiz 1

The PlayStation 3 generation was a weird one, wasn't it? After a rough start with a high entry price and lacking exclusive games, Sony eventually managed to right the ship with the introduction of the PS3 Slim and some quality titles you could only play on the console. However, how well do you actually know those PS3 exclusives? Could you pick them out of a crowd of other games? Let's find out. It's time to test your knowledge of PS3 exclusives in our latest quiz.

Can You Name These PS3 Exclusives?

The answer is Starhawk.


You scored x out of 20.

  • 0-6: PS3 newcomer
  • 7-13: PS3 fan
  • 14-20: PS3 aficionado

So, how well did you do? Is your noggin packed full of PS3 knowledge or do you need to remind yourself of one or two titles with a quick Google search? Either way, let us know how you did in the comments below.