PS2 PlayStation 2 Quiz

The PlayStation 2 -- what a machine. Sony's second gaming device was an absolute monster; it remains the best selling console in history, and has an absolutely gargantuan catalogue of software. Some of them are so iconic, you can tell which game they are by looking at a single image.

But what about games that look kinda similar to others, or less well known titles? Can you successfully identify the PS2 games we've gathered below with just one screenshot? Give it a go.

Can You Name These PS2 Games?

The answer is SSX.


You scored x out of 15.

  • 0-5: PS2 Plonker
  • 6-10: PS2 Player
  • 11-15: PS2 Pro

How did you get on, then? Did you ace this PS2 identity parade, or were you baffled by these old-school games? Tell us your scores in the comments section below.