Box Art Quiz PS4 PlayStation 4

There are a lot of games on PlayStation 4, but how closely do you pay attention to the cover art? Take the game's title away, and many PS4 games have pretty similar artwork adorning the box. We've gathered 10 PS4 games, blocked the names, and popped them in a quiz to see how well you know your box art. Can you correctly identify each PS4 title? Put yourself to the test.

Can You Name the PS4 Game from Just the Box Art?

The answer is Fallout 4.


You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Box art beginner
  • 4-7: Box art brains
  • 8-10: Box art beast

So, how many games did you identify correctly? Was this harder than you thought, or was it a total breeze? Tell us how you did in the comments section below.