Update: Blizzard has rolled out its previously announced Transformers crossover content for Overwatch 2, with each of the four skins outlined in the original article below available for 2,500 Coins a pop, which translates to around ~$25/£20. Alternatively, you can buy all four skins together in one giant bundle for 5,900 Coins, or approximately ~$55/£50.

As is often the case with games of this ilk, you’ll have to buy more currency than you actually need in order to purchase any of the items – that’s cunningly calculated by economists to ensure you’ve always got a little extra virtual currency left in the kitty.

In addition to the skins, you’ll also be able to earn player titles, name cards, and other Transformers-themed goodies through gameplay. Elsewhere, the Summer Games are making a comeback ahead of the Olympics, alongside the fan-favourite Lucio Ball mode. You can learn more about the latest update, including the Transformers content, through here.

Original Article: Just when you think you’re out, they pull you right back in, eh? Overwatch 2 has announced its next crossover event, and it features the Transformers. A scintillating animated teaser trailer introduces Bastion as Bumblebee, Reinhardt as Optimus Prime, Illari as Arcee, and Ramattra as Megatron. Even if you’re not into Blizzard’s hero shooter, you’ve got to admit this is a cool little clip.

The collaboration is scheduled to go live later today, 9th July, and we’re still waiting for official information on how much the skins will cost and whether they’ll be unlockable through traditional gameplay.

Obviously, this is the latest in a long line of Overwatch 2 crossovers, which have also included classic anime Cowboy Bebop and K-pop stars Le Sserafim. The question is: is it enough to convince you to revisit the hero shooter? Ready up in the comments section below.

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