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Blizzard has confirmed it'll no longer be locking the playable Heroes of Overwatch 2 behind Battles Passes, with all past characters obtained this way and future ones unlocked for every player from the beginning of Season 10. The new Hero Venture will be available immediately for all players when Season 10 starts next month, with the only requirement being that newcomers must complete the first-time user experience.

The studio also revealed the new mode Clash will have a trial at the start of Season 10 on a new map named Hanaoka, and then Season 11 introduces Runasapi for Push mode as well as a reworked Colosseo. "We’ve been listening to your feedback on Dorado, Circuit Royale, Havana, and Numbani," a blog post confirms. "We’re working on significant updates for these maps, so keep letting us know what other maps you would like us to look at in the future."

Furthermore, Season 10 adds a Mythic Shop that allows you to directly purchase Mythic skins once they're two seasons old. You'll also be able to "work towards past and current seasonal Mythic hero skins as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass. You get to decide how far into each Mythic skin you would like to build." More information on the feature will be shared as Season 10 in April nears.

Finally, the premium currency Coins will be a reward on both the free and paid tracks of the Battle Pass, and now you'll get 600 Coins for free per season. Blizzard signed off by commenting on overall gameplay changes: "Our vision in the long term is to maintain a regular heartbeat in the game by consistently introducing new or updated systems, shaking up the meta, implementing rank resets, and introducing new rewards. We’re looking at how often this happens and listening closely to your feedback."

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