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The First Descendant has finally touched down, with the free-to-play looker now live on PS5 and PS4. Being a live game, players can look forward to regular content updates, additions, and plenty of cosmetic skins to play dress up in. Nexon has revealed just some of the stylish suits engaged Descendants can look forward to donning.

Managing a healthy day-one peak of 229,257 players on Steam alone, it looks like the graphically impressive game could have legs, provided there is plenty for players to tear into. On Twitter, The First Descendant account showed off a snippet of what players can expect, and you'd better believe it's chock-a-block with school uniforms and various anthropomorphic animal-themed outfits.

A more explicit roadmap has also surfaced, with French language outlet PressePlay confirming its veracity. Twitter account TFDalert has the snapshot, which suggests interested players have plenty to look forward to coming down the pipeline.

An early August update will introduce a new Descendant, Luna, and a new Colossus, Gluttony, amongst other things. Late August will see a similar Descendant/Colossus combo, a new weapon, a dungeon, and the implementation of seasonal progression and field completion. Then, a raid-like Mega Dungeon is dropping in early December, along with still more Descendants.

What are your first impressions if you've already dived into The First Descendant? Could you see yourself checking in from time to time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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