Nexon's fairly imminent launch of looter shooter The First Descendant is out next week, launching on 2nd July, and we've got some gameplay glimpses to whet your whistle in the meantime. In addition, PS5 graphical features have been added to the game in response to feedback from last year's Crossplay Open Beta.

In a trio of character gameplay trailers, we are introduced to a trio of Descendants, the first of them, if you will. A total of 19 will be introduced over the course of the game, including 14 original and a further five high-performance versions, known as Ultimate Descendants.

Since the beta, PS5 players have added a Balanced mode to the graphics settings, bridging the technical gap between its Fidelity and Performance modes. In addition, Unreal Engine 5's Virtual Shadow Map tech, a bleeding-edge high-resolution shadow mapping technique, has been added, as well as Ray Tracing and AMD Frame Generation options for those who need more to fiddle with.

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