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In the process of unearthing plans for an interplanetary battle station that could change the Galactic War's face forever, Helldivers 2 players have unwittingly stumbled upon a fearsome new anti-tank support stratagem. Early testing seems to indicate the MLS-4X Commando Rocket Launcher is quite a cracker, but mostly, players seem relieved that Super Earth didn't stick them with the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines, which the community has collectively turned down twice now.

Observed by GamesRadar+, this anti-anti-tank mine sentiment has been growing for a while, with one Discord user writing: "If they had given us those [MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines] instead of Commando I would have straight up uninstalled."

The Commando is a returning weapon from the first Helldivers, and in an interesting quirk of the sequel, you can't actually try it out for yourself at the time of this writing. The community is currently doing Super Earth's bidding a little too well. The weapon has been unlocked for use on planet X-45; now that it's under 100% control, you can't deploy there. Hopefully, it will be unlocked for general deployment once the current Major Order is complete.

Are you glad to see the MLS-4X Commando resurrected? Are you interested in taking the quad-rocket launcher for a spin? Hold fast for the inevitable deployment of the MD-17 in the comments section below.

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