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Helldivers 2's intergalactic conflict continues to rage on, and an opportunity to secure something truly decisive has arisen. Having recently saved stranded and sick children and succeeded in sucking an entire planet into a black hole, the latest Major Order directs players to defend the planet of X45, where plans for a "powerful interplanetary battle station" have been unearthed.

Over on Reddit, players are preparing to take the plunge, warily noting Super Earth's assurances that "radiation levels abated to completely safe levels" before diving in (thanks, VG247). The Automatons are aware of these plans and have launched an assault on the Ymir sector, so Helldivers must dig in until SEAF forces can be deployed in sufficient numbers to secure the site.

With player numbers naturally receding, now would be a good time for developer Arrowhead to pull out the big guns, and it doesn't get much bigger than an interplanetary battle station. If successful, how this asset could be used remains to be seen. Could it be a new type of stratagem, perhaps, or (pie in the sky) be used to guard routes on the Galactic War map?

How has your war been progressing? Are you still booting up Helldivers 2? If you've taken some extended shore leave, what would it take to draw you back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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