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A new species of eyeless spider has been discovered in China. While we don't think the discovery of another arachnid should ever be a cause for celebration, notably, the person responsible for bringing this nightmare to light has decided to name it after the worst of all Monster Hunter monstrosities.

Spotted by VG247, the little arachnid popped up on the Monster Hunter subreddit, dubbed the Otacilia Khezu, apparently honouring the classic Capcom monstrosity, the Khezu. Included in virtually every Monster Hunter game since the series' inception, the Khezu is horrible, a sightless wyvern whose pale, rubbery hide must remain relatively damp. Those who would instead rather check out the infinitely more appealing spider can find more details here.

Incredibly, the person responsible for naming the petite beauty has also snuck in a few other nerdy nods, with a couple of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure references (Funny Valentine and Gryo Zeppeli), as well as a much cooler Monster Hunter namesake (Rathalos).

If you were to discover something of note, what would you name it after? Don't you think there are already enough spiders in the world? Let us know in the comments section below.