Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth PS5 PS4

RGG Studio has teased the next instalment in the Like a Dragon series will come as a surprise for fans in terms of "what kind of game it is", fans attending an Anime Expo panel report (via VGC). Fans at the Essence of Fandom event tweeted that the developer said: "We can't tell you what kind of game it is but I will tell you... you will be surprised."

Due to the focus on the "kind of game it is" in the quote, it could suggest the team is looking at adjusting the gameplay of the Like a Dragon franchise again, or perhaps introducing another playable character. The last time it did such a thing would be Yakuza: Like a Dragon, where Ichiban Kasuga became the protagonist and the combat system switched to turn-based.

What we do know is the next game from RGG Studio isn't going to be Yakuza Kiwami 3 — though, a Yakuza 3 remake will likely happen at some point — and a recent rumour suggests SEGA wants the series to be as annual as possible.

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