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Helldivers 2 players have succeeded in the Major Order set by Super Earth, deploying enough of the alien liquid known as Dark Fluid on Meridia to destabilize the entire planet, causing it to collapse into a black hole. Predictably, developer Arrowhead is positioning this as another victory, but an uneasy sense of foreboding remains.

Players whose Super Destroyers were in orbit over Meridia when it was destroyed reported an alert sounding before an automatic FTL jump deposited them in the skies above Super Earth itself. With virtually zero chance of the fabled third faction of enemies, the alien Illimunate, using this extraterrestrial event as a way to strike deep at the heart of Democracy, it's probably just post-victory adrenaline the community is feeling.

Were you part of the victorious forces deployed to Meridia over the weekend? Do you think the destruction of the planet could mean peace in our time? Please stop asking so many questions in the monitored comments section below.

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