Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster PS5

Terence Rotolo, the voice actor who lent his talents to the main playable character, Frank West, in the original Dead Rising, will not return for the recently-revealed Deluxe Remaster. Capcom announced that the enhanced rerelease would boast modernised visuals and run at a crisp 60 frames-per-second, but fans quickly noted that the main character's voice had changed, too.

Observed by PSLS, Twitter user FrankByDaylight shared rxysinister's successful slide into Rotolo's Instagram DMs, with the actor simply revealing that he was never approached to reprise the role. Rotolo seemed like he would have been up for the task, but Capcom, it seems, had another in mind for the role: "I've always been grateful for every opportunity to bring Frank to life. I simply wasn't called for this mission. The reasons are the producer's own."

The original Dead Rising was released in 2006, and Rotolo reprised the role of West as recently as 2016 in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (a reimagining of Dead Rising 2) and in 2017 in the Capcom cross-series fighter Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. The actor's most recent credited work for Capcom was 2023's Exoprimal.

Are you disappointed that Rotolo won't be reprising the role of Frank West in the upcoming Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster? Let us know in the comments section below.

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