EA Sports College Football 25 May Just Be PS5's Next Best Sports Game 1

EA Sports’ old NCAA Football franchise holds a special place in the hearts of sports gamers because, freed from the NFL license, it allowed the publisher to experiment – ending up with some outstanding games. It’s been over a decade since the last instalment, but with EA Sports College Football 25 the company has really taken its time, obsessing over every detail. The results? This could be a stone-cold classic.

Let’s start with the extensive gameplay video, which released earlier today. In it, we see real-life cover athlete Donovan Edwards turning up the temperature as, well, himself. At 20 minutes, this clip includes tons of real-life examples of the gameplay improvements EA Sports has implemented, such as the new throwing accuracy mechanic which adds more variety to the passing game, as well as disguised coverage systems and a more responsive ground game.

In addition to all of the above footage, fans should also check out the Dynasty mode deep-dive, which is the in-depth sim where you’ll take a programme from pretender to the promise land. The sheer density of the systems on display here is truly mind-boggling, from player recruitment to coaching and much more, this looks like one of the most robust sports campaigns we’ve seen in some time.

The potential is off the charts here, and while the release’s audience is likely to be limited by its extremely US-centric leanings, looking at the engagement numbers on the latest round of videos, we expect this game to sell extremely, extremely well in its domestic market.

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