Here’s your first look at the long-anticipated EA Sports College Football 25 on PS5, which looks to be bringing all the pomp and pageantry of the real-world university game. In this reveal trailer, ahead of the title’s 19th July launch, we get a glimpse of a number of different schools and their various unique rituals and ceremonies. There’ll be a total of 134 colleges represented in the final release.

The cinematics are looking superb; from flyovers to mascots, this outing appears to have it all. EA Sports is talking a big game on the gameplay front, too, with a new “wear and tear” system which will require you to manage your players’ health, as well as a pre-snap recognition system which will allow you to make the right plays when it matters most.

While we’re still waiting for more information on modes, the official website reveals that you’ll be able to build an entire school programme from the ground-up and take it to the promise land – or alternatively you’ll be able to create a student athlete and help build their legacy. It’s been a decade since the last NCAA Football game, so we suspect this is going to be extraordinarily popular.