Battlefield 2042 x Dead Space

EA DICE has announced a new limited-time event for Battlefield 2042 that's themed entirely around 2023's PS5 remake of Dead Space. Available from Tuesday next week until 16th July 2024, a new Outbreak mode will test your teammates' FPS skills and "human resilience and resourcefulness against a new and relentless enemy all while trying to escape the Boreas laboratory". It sounds a lot like an extraction mode you'd find in Rainbow Six: Extraction, as its name suggests.

For taking part, you can unlock rewards like a weapon charm, player card background, and a tag. There's also a premium bundle you can buy for 2,200 Battlefield Coins which includes a Marked Man legendary specialist outfit, three legendary weapon skins, and more.

It was previously confirmed that support of Battlefield 2042 in terms of new game content would end with Season 7, so the new Dead Space collaboration comes as a surprise. It's only sticking around for one week, but Outbreak sounds like a good reason to boot the game up for those still engaged.

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