Battlefield 2042 PS5 PS4

EA DICE has announced it's winding down post-launch support of Battlefield 2042 as the publisher turns its attention to what is next for the FPS franchise. Server and gameplay maintenance will continue along with fresh events, challenges, and modes, but the seasonal strategy of delivering new content updates will end with Season 7 — Turning Point. The 7.2 patch that brings with it a new Stadium map will be the last one adding new content as a result.

The studio is ending support so it can focus on the next game in the Battlefield series. There is an "ambitious vision to embrace and unlock the vast potential of the series’ class-based squadplay and immersive, intense battles" at EA DICE, so it's recruited Dead Space team EA Motive to help out. The developer is putting together a team that will bring its "expertise with Frostbite and compelling storytelling" to the franchise, across both online and single player experiences.

Across seven different seasons, Battlefield 2042 has been built upon with lots of new maps, modes, and weapons to get it in better shape following a disastrous PS5, PS4 launch in 2021. General manager Byron Beede appreciates the community feedback, explaining that "feedback has been important in helping us build this game into something special while also assisting us in laying the foundation for the future".

He continues: "Battlefield is an experience that is defined by the passion of its community as much as its team-driven tactics and explosive battles, and I look forward to the day that we can tell you more about what’s coming next." Are you interested in what's next for Battlefield? Let us know in the comments below.