Dead Rising PS5

The opening beats of Gone Guru by Lifeseeker as you step out into Leisure Park has to be one of the most iconic bits of the original Dead Rising, and thankfully, that moment of dread as the criminals aboard their jeep come speeding at you won't be lost in this year's Deluxe Remaster. Capcom has revealed the licensed music will be returning for the updated PS5 version, via VG247.

A spokesperson told the outlet that "licensed music is returning". Some of the Psychopaths also had their boss battles set to licensed music, so those scenes won't be forced into a change either. The first PS4 remaster also brought back these licensed tracks, so the Deluxe Remaster is not a case of bringing back what was once lost; it's simply retaining what's always been there.

Since other recent remasters like Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP aren't bringing back their licensed soundtracks, however, it is good to have confirmation Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster will. The remaster, which is more of a remake than anything else, launches for PS5 on 19th September 2024. Will you be making the trip back to Willamette Parkview Mall? Get a shopping list ready in the comments below.