Three New PS2 Games Now Available on PS5, PS4 with PS Plus Premium 1
Image: Push Square

The exciting age of updated PS2 emulation on PS5 and PS4 is now upon us, potentially opening the door to an enormous catalogue of classics – assuming platform holder Sony is willing to put in the leg work. The first three titles – Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Tomb Raider Legend, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars – all feature Platinum Trophies, as well as quality of life improvements like rewind, save states, and uprendering. They can be downloaded in most of Europe and Asia now, but Americans may need to sit tight a little longer.

We’ll putting all three titles through their paces and getting a feel for Sony’s upgraded emulator, but if you’re a PS Plus Premium subscriber, you don’t need to wait for us – get them downloading and give them a spin for yourself. The games can also be purchased standalone if you don’t want to commit to Sony’s membership model; in the UK, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus will cost you £7.99, Tomb Raider Legend will run you £15.99, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will need £3.99.

The pricing is all over the place, then, but it’s just great to see PS2 games resurrected for Sony’s current set of consoles.